Information for Supervisors

This document contains information that will quickly help supervisors learn to use Tempus.

System Overview
Tempus is a Web-based timesheet management system for staffing firms. Using Tempus, consultants working at client sites enter their weekly timesheets on the Web and submit them for approval to their client supervisors.

When the timesheet is submitted, Tempus automatically sends an email notification to the client supervisor. The supervisor has the option of approving or disapproving the timesheet. Approval takes only a single-click on the link provided in the email.

Administrators and managers of the staffing firm can see the timesheets online. They have Tempus query and reporting tools to help them aggregate the time for many different business purposes.

One-Click Timesheets
An email version of the timesheet is sent to you immediately when the consultant submits his time. This method is fast and hassle-free because it allows you to approve the timesheet directly without logging in or displaying a start-up page.

The timesheet message contains two buttons, one for approval and one for disapproval. Just click the appropriate button and you're done. After you click,Tempus pops up a feedback panel to verify your action. If you don’t receive the email, the consultant can easily re-submit it.

Changing the supervisor or submit-to party
If you’re going to be out of the office on timesheet day, you can ask your consultant to submit to someone else. If that person has not received timesheets in the past, the vendor administrator will have to enter the person’s name and email address into Tempus.

When the consultant fills out the timesheet, the new submit-to party will appear in the Supervisor drop-down list so the consultant can route the timesheet sheet to the proper party. If you want to change the supervisor permanently, ask the vendor administrator to change the supervisor on the contract.

Timesheet submission rules
Consultants can create a timesheet at any time during the work week. Time can be entered daily or all at once at the end of the week. Timesheets carry a status of Incomplete until they are submitted to the supervisor for approval.

Consultants can record a maximum of 24 hours each day and 168 hours for a week. The maximum number of hours per week can be reduced by the vendor administrator.

If the consultant does not work during a week, the timesheet can be Skipped. That means that no timesheet will be submitted to you for the period, although a timesheet with zero hours and Skipped status is created and can be viewed by the vendor.

When the consultant finishes the timesheet for the week, he submits the timesheet to you for approval. You do not have access to the timesheet until it is submitted, although it can be viewed by the vendor.

A timesheet with Submitted status is ready to be Approved (or Disapproved) by the supervisor.

What Happens after Approval and Disapproval?
When you approve or disapprove, your consultant receives an email message to that effect. If you disapprove a timesheet, your vendor can see the Disapproved status online. The timesheet can be edited by the consultant and resubmitted as many times as necessary.

Unsubmitted Timesheets
The vendor administrator has the abilty to unsubmit a timesheet that was submitted in error. This capability is similar to your Disapproval option in that it returns the timesheet to the consultant for edit and re-submission. The primary difference is that it is initiated by the vendor.

The only complicating factor is your submission email.

As you know, when the timesheet is originally submitted, you get an email notification. The email contains a link to timesheet approval; you click the link to approve the timesheet.

If you click the link in the original submission message while the timesheet is in Unsubmitted status, Tempus will try to approve it. The approval attempt will fail and the verification panel will show that the attempt failed because the timesheet is not ready for approval.

When the consultant re-submits the timesheet, the normal process is followed. You will receive another submission email with an approval link.

At this point, you will have two submission email messages for the same timesheet. Both of them will work because the timesheet status is now correct for approval. The links contained in the messages will look different because of encryption, but both of them will lead to approval and both of them will behave normally.

More Information
To learn more about the rest of Tempus, use the Portal Resource links and the Client Tour to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the system.

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