Quickstart Guide for Clients

This disussion will help you get up and running with Tempus quickly. It will walk through the process of getting started and approving timesheets.

System Overview
Tempus is a Web-based timesheet management system.

Using Tempus, consultants working at client sites enter their weekly timesheets on the Web and submit them for approval to their client supervisors. When the timesheet is submitted, Tempus automatically sends an email notification to the consultant’s supervisor. The email contains a summary of the hours worked by day and date.

To approve the timesheet, the supervisor just clicks a link in the email message. An option for disapproval is also available.

As soon as a timesheet is submitted, authorized users can see it.

Your vendor will enroll you in Tempus to get you started. He will record your name, your employer, and your email address, possibly your phone number and a few other items as well.

After you are enrolled, you are ready to receive timesheet submissions. Your only responsibility in Tempus is to approve or disapprove timesheets.

Timesheet Submissions
Consultants submit timesheets weekly in Tempus. So, once a week you will receive an email from your consultant notifying you that the consultant has created and submitted a timesheet for your approval.

The email contains the consultants name and a summary of hours worked. It shows the day and date of work, as well as the total hours worked that day. A weekly total of hours worked is also provided.

One-Click Timesheet Approvals
There are two buttons included in the email that allow you to approve or disapprove the timesheet.

Use the first button to quickly approve the timesheet. All you have to do is click it. Tempus will respond to that click by providing a feedback popup assuring you that your request for approval has been received and recorded. If you do not see the popup, it either means that Tempus did not receive the message or that your browser blocked the popup.

Occasionally, Tempus will respond to your request with a message saying that the timesheet could not be approved along with the reason for denial. The most common reason for denial is because the timesheet has already been approved. This happens when the supervisor approves twice. It doesn't affect the timesheet, but it wastes a good click.

Use the second button to disapprove the timesheet. It works the same way and displays a popup with a confirmation message.

After the timesheet has been approved or disapproved, it can only be reset by the admistrator. Ask your vendor to reset the approval if you make a mistake.

Other Options
Your consultant has the ability to resubmit the timesheet to another supervisor if you will not be availble to approve it. This requires that at least one other person in your firm has a Tempus supervisor account. Your vendor can create as many supervisor accounts as necessary.

Your consultant cannot resubmit after the timesheet has been approved or disapproved. If resubmission is necessary at this point, ask your vendor for assistance.

Consultants have the option to skip a timesheet if they did not work during a period. You may not receive a timesheet when the consultant is on vacation, for example. If you would rather receive a timesheet with zero hours for these periods, ask your vendor to instruct the consultant not to skip.

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