Connect Tempus to Invoice Ninja

Take some of the effort out of invoicing by sending Tempus timesheets to Invoice Ninja.

Use the Connect to Invoice Ninja feature to automatically send your approved timesheets to Invoice Ninja for easy invoicing. All you need is an Invoice Ninja account. You can open the connection directly from your Tempus landing page.

The integration automatically passes timesheets from Tempus to Invoice Ninja when the timesheet is approved. Here’s how Tempus timesheets appear in in Invoice Ninja.

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In the middle box, the Item Number, Description, Unit Cost and Quantity were created by Tempus. The line item and invoice level extentions were created by Invoice Ninja as each item was added to the invoice.

Other invoicing integration features include pages for setting up your integration, and for monitoring, verifying, and adjusting the daily flow of information to Invoice Ninja.

There are no additional charges for using Tempus Invoice Ninja integration.

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