Reports for Invoicing and Payroll

Invoicing and Payroll are the two most important backoffice processes for staffing firms. Both depend on accurate timesheet data.

Most of what you need for these processes are provided in an easy-to-use format complete with rates and extensions – eliminating the need to gather information and create spreadsheets.

All Tempus reports can be exported to your desktop, can be converted to Excel files, and can be easily extended by adding additional columns and formulas.


The Billing Worksheet provides timesheet data by client and period.

The Billing Detail Report provides more detailed information, showing the daily time entries for each timesheet.

Each customer is displayed along with the customer’s timesheets for the period, with extensions and totals.

Printed Timesheets and PDFs are available at billing time also. Just select the timesheet period and print all the timesheets. You can have all the timesheets you need at your fingertips, ready to include with your invoices.


The Payroll Worksheet provides aggregated timesheet data by employee for easy transfer to your payroll system. The report can be exported as an Excel file where the data can be easily extended with additional information required by your payroll provider.

Your user’s payroll identifier can easily be added to each user’s data record and added to the report automatically.

Again, the report data can be selected to time period to match your payroll cycle.