How it Works: The Submission/Approval Cycle

Diagram of Tempus Timesheet Submission Cycle
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Timesheet Submission

Your employees in the field enter their time on Tempus web pages. When they’re done, they click the submit button, the timesheet is saved in the Tempus database and an email showing the time is automatically sent to the employee’s supervisor for approval.

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The Supervisor's Approval

The supervisor clicks a button in the email to approve or disapprove the time. No login. One click. The supervisor is almost always an on-site employee of your client, so we make approval as easy as possible to keep these guys happy.

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The Administrator's View

You, as administrator, monitor the submission/approval process as it unfolds on the web. No email. No fax. No check list. No spread sheets. Tempus tells you who has submitted, who has approved, and who has done nothing at all.

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Payroll and Billing Reports

When it comes time for payroll and billing, Tempus reports provide your time information, ready for use. Your employees and supervisors have created an electronic record of your billable time. You can use this record to great advantage to quickly and accurately pay your employees and bill your clients.

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