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Mobile TimeSheet

Mobile Timesheets

Mobile web technology your employees will love. Available on all mobile devices including iPhone and Android. Not an app that has to be downloaded to the phone, but pages on the Tempus website that are accessed by mobile browsers on the phone. Simple and effective.

Desktop Timesheets Too

Web-based timesheets are similar to your paper timesheets. Summary and detail formats are available. Easy to understand and not cluttered with features that staffing firms won't use. Your employees won't have any trouble figuring out how to use them. Simple and effective.

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One-Click Approval for your Clients

Here’s the email that the supervisor gets. All he does is open and click. No login required. This is the only responsibility the supervisor has. Fast and simple.

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You Monitor the Submission and Approval Process

You have complete visibility to the timesheet submission and approval process as it happens on the web. You can see who has submitted and who has not and you can see the supervisors approvals. You can also easily contact offenders from a list of email addresses provided. Say goodbye to the FAX machine, email merges and employee checklists.

Image of Timesheet Control Query

Print the Timesheets

Everybody in the staffing business needs to send the paper or PDF timesheets to the customer with the invoice. Select your date range and go. All the timesheets for the billing period can be printed at one time. You can also create PDF versions for emailing. All without retrieving and sorting each individual timesheet at billing time.

Image of Timesheet

Send the Timesheets to Popular Invoicing Sites for Easy Billing

Export your timesheets to Quickbooks or Invoice Ninja for easy invoicing without additional data entry. Simplify your back-office procedure by automatically sending approved timesheets to best-of-breed applications.

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Image of QBO Connection page.

Easy Export to Excel

Export Tempus Queries and Reports to Excel to integrate timesheet information with your existing business processes. This example shows the Tempus Payroll Worksheet exported to Excel and modified by the user to show only the columns needed. It shows a user-defined two week period starting on 9/29/2019 and ending on 10/12/2019. All Tempus report periods are flexible and not limited to the timesheet periods. Flexible report periods plus Excel export creates a powerful data-manipulation capability.

Image of exported data

Billing Reports

Optional billing reports show all the hours for each employee for each client. If you choose to record billing rates for your employees, Tempus will calculate the invoice amounts for each employee and client. Report periods are flexible so you can bill for three days or three weeks.

Image of Billing Report

Payroll Reports

Optional payroll reports help you deal with payroll by totaling all the relevant timesheet detail for each of your employees. If you choose to record hourly pay rates for your employees, Tempus will calculate the gross pay for each. Save your report as a CSV and export to your payroll service.

Image of Payroll Report

Profitability Reports

Optional profitability reports show costs, margin, and gross revenue for any period; by client, by employee or sales rep. Need gross margin for the first calendar quarter? No problem.

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Flexible Time Reporting Periods

Tempus actually records time by day, so you can easily slice the time periods any way you want. Want to see hours reported from June 1 to June 23? Just input the start and stop dates and Tempus reframes the timesheet data for that period. Most Tempus reports and queries have this feature. This feature supports many ad hoc uses and business processes. Easy and useful.

Your Branding

Put your logo on Tempus pages. Timesheets and admin pages all support display of your logo. Put a button on your web site to open the Tempus login page with your logo on it. All pages that display a company name show your company name only.

Rich Content

The Tempus electronic record provides much more information with far less hassle than paper. Date and time submitted, date and time approved, Submitted to, approved by, just to name a few.

Tight Security

Tempus utilizes the most advanced technology for Internet security available. SSL encryption protects all your interactions with the site, data is backed up daily, and uninterruptible power systems make sure the server is always available. Tempus is hosted at a secure west coast site.

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