The Tempus Story

The Tempus story began in June, 2001. Tempus Founder, Vic Mangogna, was a staffing consultant working on an IT development project for a large, national financial services firm in St. Louis, Missouri. His employer was a regional staffing firm based in Chicago.

Late one Friday afternoon, Vic was filling in his time on a four-part carbon set issued by the staffing firm. Vic thought this method was quite progressive at the time. But, he made some mistakes and a carbon form can’t be erased. As luck would have it, it was his last form. And it was a mess.

Vic had to turn it in anyway. His supervisor, a smart lady, took one look at the mess and said “you’d think they’d have a web site”.

Vic’s response has been lost to antiquity, but it was probably something like “yeah”.

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About the Product

Tempus was conceived, designed and developed by Software Service Group, Inc.

The prototype of Tempus was written during 2002 in Visual Basic 6.0. In 2003 it was redesigned and converted to ASP.Net and SQL Server 2000 to run on the Web. Version 1.0 was published to the Web in 2004, Version 2.0 was deployed in August, 2008.

Tempus is a Microsoft ASP.Net application. Version 2.0 was built with Visual Studio 2005 and used SQL Server 2005 for database services. Upgraded versions of these products are currenly in use. The application consists of more than 80 aspx pages and about 30 database tables. Reports were created with SQL Server Reporting Services.

At this point, the application is mature and stable. It is professionally hosted by a large, west-coast services provider.

About the Company is owned and operated by Software Service Group, Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri.

SSG was incorporated in 1986 and until 2012, provided information technology services to large manufacturing and financial services firms in the St. Louis region. SSG is a software firm, not a staffing company.

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