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Client Supervisor Approval

Mobile timesheets

Billing and Payroll Integration

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Everything you expect from a time tracking power tool

A Timesheet Power Tool

Client Supervisor Approval

Easy online client supervisor approval. Timesheets emailed to supervisors, one click does it. No login required.

Mobile Timesheets

Available for all phones and tablets; Android, iPhone, any phone with a screen. No app store, no app download, no app update. Just login to the system with a mobile device. Desktop timesheets too.

Billing and Payroll Integration

TempusIT staffing software integrates with invoicing, payroll and accounting apps like Quickbooks and InvoiceNinja. Thousands of others like LinkedIn and Facebook are easily joined. Transfer timesheets, users and clients in and out automatically.

Phone Support

You will always have help when you need it. Provided via phone and email. Delivered by TempusIT app experts. Ask our clients.

With Big Benefits for Staffing Firms

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Reduces the Backoffice Workload.

Save effort in all of your timekeeping processes. Save days every week in payroll, billing, commissions, month-end accruals for payroll and 401(k) plans. Eliminate the timesheet filing hassle - so you don't have to transpose, record, file and retrieve those timesheet every week.

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Improves Accuracy

Improve the accuracy of your business processes. Time sheets are validated by your remote temporary workers and (usually) checked by their supervisors. All Tempus reports can be easily copied into your regular accounting spreadsheets - eliminating transposition errors.

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Improves Management Visibility to Operational Information

Tempus will significantly improve your visibility to timesheet information allowing you to quickly forecast revenue and costs. Online summaries show hours, costs and revenue by sales rep, territory, region, and customer as soon as timesheets are submitted. Estimate your revenue as soon as the timesheet are in. Helps you manage your inventory of unbilled hours.

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Helps Create Competitve Advantage

You can add credibility to your client and employee relationships by presenting a professional image and by investing in the same type of productivity tools that your clients' use.

What makes Tempus different from the other 10,000 timesheet apps on the web?

Made for staffing firms

It's tightly bound to the staffing business model where the information needs are centered on payroll and billing rather than projects and task management - so you know it's a good fit.

Timesheets, just timesheets

It's unique because it's not tied to a hefty integrated recruiting and staffing package and because it's focused only on providing timesheets for staffing firms.

Simplicity, sweet simplicity

Simple for your employees in the field, simple for their supervisors, and simple for your administrators. You won't find yourself working around features that you don't need. There's power in simplicity.

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Support is provided by real people, via email and phone. Tempus is a niche application, so we're not too big to provide personal, one-on-one support. If you need support, you can speak to a real person who:
  • a. understands the Tempus application,
  • b. understands your business,
  • c. and has the knowledge, skill and power to fix things on the spot.

Start-up instructions, help articles, as well as employee and supervisor information pages are all available to administrators on their landing page.

You will always have help when you need it.

See what our customers have to say about it.

What do our customers think?

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Our company has been a Tempus user since 2015 and we highly recommend it for its simplicity. The tool is easy to administer and use. We have an integrated platform in place however we bypass the timesheet module because Tempus is so easy to use. In addition, you can't beat the support from Tempus. Vic is always available and ready to solve any problem. I would highly recommend to anyone in the people business.

A.G, Zigatta LLC, Frisco, TX

Clean, simple and straightforward. I have used Tempus for timekeeping and reporting since 2012. The support team has a timely response and demonstrates a vast industry knowledge. I recommend Tempus to any firm.

B.T., Chief Financial Officer, Q Consulting, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Our company has been with Tempus since 2017 and it has been a game changer for us and our consultants. It is easy to set up a new user, track consultant hours, as well as timesheet approvals. It is very user friendly for consultants and our client managers appreciate the ease of clicking a button by email to approve time. Tempus support always responds promptly when I’ve had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Tempus as an inexpensive time tracking system.

E.T, Premier Tech, Inc., Overland Park, KS

I started using TempusIT in 2005. I have been impressed with the ease of use, reliability of the service and the support I have received. I base all my placement reports on the Tempus system, they are always accurate and easy to understand. I highly recommend Tempus to any firm, you will not be disappointed.

W.R., President, Falcon Lake Consulting, Minneapolis, MN

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