More Benefits

Compelling Reasons to Use Tempus

1. Save time. Tempus will help you save time in all of your timesheet-related processes. Your administrators will save days every week in payroll, billing, commission payments, and calculating month-end accruals for payroll and 401(k) plans. And it can eliminate the timesheet filing hassle - so you don't have to record, file and retrieve those time sheets every week.

2. Improve accuracy. Tempus will help you improve the accuracy of timesheet-related business processes. All of the Tempus reports can be created in Excel format and saved to a local workstation where they can easily be copied into your regular accounting spreadsheets - eliminating transposition errors.

3. Improve visibility to operational information. Tempus will significantly improve your visibility to timesheet information allowing you to quickly forecast revenue and costs. Online summaries and graphics show hours, costs and revenue by sales rep, territory, region, and customer as soon as timesheets are submitted.

4. Professional appearance. Tempus provides a more professional appearance for your staffing firm. Even trial use is transparent to your consultants and clients. Their view of Tempus is exactly the same whether you are a trial user or a subscriber.

5. Great value. Tempus is cheap. If you want to use the trial version, it's free. If you become a subscriber, you pay only for the timesheets you actually create. When the project ends, the timesheet expense stops too.

6. No Long-Term Commitment. We do not require long-term commitments from our customers. If you feel you're not getting value from our service, you can cancel at any time.

7. No infrastructure impact. Tempus has a zero footprint on all workstations since all functionality is web-based. There is no equipment to buy, no software to purchase. The application requires no user administration other than maintenance of the admin data.

8. Temporary use. Tempus can be used temporarily for special short-run projects, even where several vendors deliver services to a single client for a fixed period or purpose. It can be set up rapidly and then scrapped at the end of the project.

9. Get started now. The service has been designed to allow you to get productive instantly. Just load and go. Set up for a dozen users can be accomplished in an hour or so. Upgrades are done automatically on a regular basis with no impact on the user.

If you think this makes sense, become a trial user today. Just click the Free Trial button on the Tempus home page.