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Privacy Policy

Tempus will not knowingly provide any information about your company to any third party.

This means that we won't reveal the names of your employees, their email addresses, the names of your clients, your client's employees, phone numbers, contract details, timesheet details or other business information to anyone for any reason.

System Requirements

Internet Explorer version 6.0 or better, or Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 or better with the Internet Explorer Add-On. Cookies must be enabled.

Displaying Your Logo

Paid subscribers may elect to display their logo on many Tempus pages, the timesheet, and the Supervisors approval form instead of the Tempus logo.

If you use the logo feature, we ask that you provide a link on your Web site to Tempus. Your consultants will need a link to find Tempus anyway, so this shouldn't be a burden.

The link requirement helps raise Tempus in search engine listings; the more external links we have, the higher we appear in the listings. By removing our logo from the most prominent places on our pages, our brand loses its identity. By encouraging external links, we hope to trade that loss for higher external visibility.

To display properly, your logo must be sized for display in a space no more than 120 pixels high by 120 pixels wide. If your logo is larger than this, we can reduce it. The image file format may be GIF (.gif), bitmap (.bmp), or JPEG file (.jpg).

To take advantage of this feature, email your logo file to the Support address shown on the Support Policy page.