Here's a Web-based timesheet system for your staffing firm.

It provides much of the information you need for back-office business processes. It will help you do more, save time and cut costs.

Timesheet Software As A Service

Use Tempus To:

  • Collect Weekly Timesheets
  • Organize Payroll and Billing Information
  • Calculate Commissions
  • Analyze Revenue, Margins, and Costs
  • Calculate monthly accruals

Tempus Offers:

  • Low Risk
  • Great Support
  • Tight Security
  • Customization
  • Competitive Advantage

Here's How It Works.
Consultants in the field submit timesheets on the Web, their clients approve them on-line, and you monitor the process from your office. Tempus provides analytics, graphics and reports that crunch the numbers for you so you can spend less time with spreadsheets and more time building your business.


“We have been using Tempus since 2007 and it has performed well. We have found it to be an efficient and effective product. Support has been timely and consistent.”

John M., The Harvest Consulting Group, Inc., Schaumburg, IL

“I started using TempusIT in 2005. I have been impressed with the ease of use, reliability of the service and the support I have received. I base all my placement reports on the Tempus system, they are always accurate and easy to understand. I highly recommend Tempus to any firm, you will not be disappointed”

Wade Rastall, President, Falcon Lake Consulting, Minneapolis, MN
Unique Value for Staffing Firms

Here's a timesheet system that will help you collect timesheet information for use in billing, payroll, commissions and profit analysis - so you can do more and cut costs.

It's tightly bound to the staffing business model where the information needs are centered on payroll and billing rather than projects and task management - so you know it's a good fit.

It's unique because it's not tied to a hefty integrated recruiting and staffing package, and because it's focused only on adding value for staffing firms.

You won't find anything else like it on the Web.