Great features to help you do more with timesheets, do it faster, and do it cheaper.

Here's How it Works:

Consultants in the field submit timesheets on the Web, their clients approve them on-line, and you monitor the process from your office.

Here's What You Get:

Tempus provides analytics, graphics and reports that crunch the timesheet numbers for you so you can spend less time with spreadsheets and more time building your business.

"We have found [Tempus] to be an efficient and effective product." John M. The Harvest Consulting Group, Inc.

Mobile Timesheets for Staffing Firms

Mobile web technology your employees will love. Available on all mobile devices including iPhone and Android. Simple and effective.

Desktop Timesheets too

Web-based timesheets are similar to your paper timesheets. Easy to understand and not cluttered with features that staffing firms won't use. Your employees won't have any trouble figuring out how to use it.

One-Click Approval for your Clients

When your employee submits a timesheet, an email containing the timesheet is sent to the employee's client supervisor. The supervisor just opens the email and clicks the Approval button. An option for disapproval is available. This is really quick and easy.

You Monitor the Process

You have complete visibility to the timesheet submission and approval process as it happens. Here's the replacement for your FAX machine, email merges and employee checklist.

Print the Timesheets

Everybody in the staffing business needs to send the paper or PDF timesheets to the customer with the invoice. Here's how you do that without fumbling with paper timesheets at billing time.

Payroll Reports

Optional payroll report helps you deal with payroll by showing all the relevant timesheet detail for each of your employees. If you choose to record pay rates for your employees, Tempus will calculate the gross pay for each.

Billing Reports

Optional billing reports show all the hours for each employee for each client. If you choose to record billing rates for your employees, Tempus will calculate the invoice amounts for each client.

Profitability Reports

Optional profitability reports show costs, margin, and gross revenue for any period; by client, by employee or sales rep.

Easy Export to Excel

All reports and inquiries can be exported to Excel format so the data can be easily integrated with your existing business processes.

Flexible Time Periods

Tempus records time by day, so you can easily slice the time periods any way you want. Just input the start and stop dates and Tempus shows across the board timesheet data for that period.

Rich Content

The Tempus electronic record provides much more information with far less hassle than paper. Date and time submitted, date and time approved, Submitted to, approved by, just to name a few.

Great Support

Free support is provided for trial users and subscribers, for staffing firms and their clients. Support services are provided during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

Tight Security

Tempus utilizes the most advanced technology for Internet security available. SSL protects your username and password (look for the padlock icon on your browser), data is backed up daily, and uninterruptible power systems make sure the server is always available. Tempus is hosted at a secure site.


One size does not fit all! Tempus was designed from the ground up to customizable. Unique features can be added that are visible only to your firm and only to specific user roles.

Competitive Advantage

You can add value to your client relationships by presenting a more professional image and by investing in the same type of productivity tools that your professional resources build for your clients. As Tom Yager said in a classic article, "If it's good enough for Fido...".