Customizing Tempus

Customizing Tempus

Tempus was designed from the ground up to be customizable. Unique features can be added to Tempus that are visible only to your firm and only to specific user roles.

What can be done?
Almost anything can be added or changed in Tempus. New inquiries and reports can be created, new data elements can be placed on existing forms and new data entry forms can be created. Links to custom forms can be placed on the Launch Bar alongside the standard Tempus forms where they can be seamlessly accessed by your users.

What's the downside?
The biggest problem with this is figuring out how to handle the custom code when Tempus is upgraded to a new version. For example, when Tempus forms are upgraded to a new look and feel, custom forms will retain the old user interface. We will be happy to upgrade the custom forms to the new look, but we can't do it free of charge.

On the other hand, new Tempus versions won't break custom code. All customizations are created by SSG in first place, just like all the standard code is written by SSG. So, we know where all the custom code is hiding. When upgrades are planned, we will naturally consider the effects of the upgrade on custom programs just as we do on standard programs. We won't trash your custom features.

How much does it cost?
New inquiries and reports on existing data are $350 each. New forms and features that require database and business rule changes must be quoted individually.

How do we get started?
Call or send an email to Tempus Support. We'll get started on an evaluation and price quote right away.